Live one day as   Pizzaiolo - with us you can!

Living a unique experience and wearing the clothes of a real Pizzaiolo was a dream that many wanted and that often required. Now all this is possible, with "Pizza one day" you can experience the true emotion of living a pizza-maker day and preparing the most famous dish in the world prepared following the ancient recipes kept by our professional pizza chefs and learning the basics of the famous Pizza Gourmet . An expert tutor of the Gourmet Pizzaioli School will follow you in every phase of your training explaining the tricks of this work become art. The only real way to feel the soul of pizza


Being a pizza chef means having basic theoretical knowledge . Our Professional Trainers will soon put you in a position to understand every step for  the basic processes of this work.

From the dough standard to the   famous Gourmet Pizza style.


One day Pizzaiolo means to try the essential qualities like : manual skill, speed and precision. It is only with exercise and repetition that we can achieve a good result and be ready to work an evening in a pizzeria with the customers. We will teach you some speeding techniques and how to manage the moments of greatest flow.

The Work

You will be the protagonist in a real pizzeria place where you will have to measure yourself in all the working phases: from the preparation of the ingredients to the care of the oven, the order management, the filling, always paired with your Tutor. Knowing how to team up and manage critical issues is the secret of this profession.


  • Single 4-hour lesson
  • Theoretical concepts 
  • How to obtain a  dough by machine and by hand
  • The preparation of the ingredients basics
  • The fillings
  • Pizza  opening practice
  • Oven practice
  • How to work  in a Pizzeria
  • Gourmet pizza Style - The new way of Pizza

What we offer

  • Notions of theory 
  • Raw material
  • Professional equipment use
  • Uniform
  • Insurance coverage
  • "Pizzaiolo one Day" certificate
  • Diner and beverage
  • Italian, English, French, Spanish, Greek language.

LOCATION : Bologna - Venezia- Padova

Farmhouse of xix th century, today is a farm holidays which offers restoration and accomodation, very close to VENICE, on Riviera del Brenta.


Corte del Brenta farm holidays has conserved its appearance of a typical farmhouse residence, in spite of all the restoration works which has been scrupulously supervised by the local art protection department.


At our farm near Venice keep alive the flavors of fine local cuisine offering gourmet products manufactured entirely within our structure.

To obtain a finished product from the genuine taste, you should focus on the quality of the raw material!

This is the concept that serves as the backbone for our food production.

Our livestock

We raise cattle on site better, we feed him with products of biological origin, and we respect the natural growth times.

Working with perseverance and dedication, we take personally care of our animals, ensuring them a healthy lifestyle and genuine and respecting the strictest hygiene rules in force.

Our eggs

Every morning our chickens produce delicious fresh eggs; precious gifts of Nature, in part used for domestic production of pasta and homemade desserts and partly for direct sale.

Greens and vegetables at Km Zero

The tasty treasures from the garden cultivated in our farm born in the vast open spaces adjacent farm and are cultivated as Nature intended.

Our crops

The quiet zone that serves as a background to our facility allows us to cultivate our products in a healthy environment, free from smog and pollutants.

Water, sun and fresh air: these are the only agents fertilizers we use to make our crops productive. And every day the Nature rewards our commitment to offering vegetables and vegetables with a strong flavor, sincere, true … just like us!

A Corte del Brenta find genuine products for imbandire good food!

Nota: I campi con l'asterisco sono richiesti