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The work of pizzaiolo  is one of the most requested professional figures in Italy and all aroun the world. Having attended a course in Italy and obtained a certificate , it is definitely an advantage in your professional curriculum as well as a necessary step to understand really all the work processes.


Enrolling in a course today is a future possibility in the various occupational sectors of this profession; pizzerias, restaurants,  discos, tourist villages and cruise ships.


Becoming an business man is still possible thanks to a reduced initial investment for take-away or shredded pizzerias .


The formation of a pizza chef is long and requires attention, precision and a lot of study.


Having attended a course involves the knowledge of technical terminologies, knowing how to use all the professional equipment, knowing why certain processes happen and being able to correct mistakes or simply knowing how to act to obtain the desired product. These are the necessary conditions to be able to actively and seriously propose yourself in the world of work.


A professional course to learn one of the most popular jobs in Italy and abroad, will allow students to learn the basic techniques of traditional pizza and the innovative and very popular Pizza Gourmet.




160 hours of work experience  in a Italina pizzeria  are the best tool to put into practice the concepts acquired

duration of the course

The course has a duration of 212 hours divided into

52 hours of practical workshop and 160 hours of internship.

4 hours haccp course.



The course is open to anyone, without age limits, wants to learn with passion the fundamental knowledge and techniques of this sector.


Access to the course is allowed to a limit number of participants. Students will be constantly followed by a teacher and a coach in every working phase.




• HACCP (with certificate issue)





















ESSENTIAL  for a job placement or for the opening a  business in Italy or abroad

Students who have attended at least 80% of the practical workshop hours will complete their training with an internship experience at major companies in the sector.


  Through our network of relationships we receive every day various requests for staff from all over Italy and abroad and it is our care to report the most deserving and motivated students.


During the year 2017 we received more requests for staff than we could meet.

ATTESTATION: At the end of the course, participants who have attended at least 80% of the course and successfully passed the final exam will receive a certificate of recognized attendance.


why choose us


- Using one of the most equipped laboratories, familiarize yourself with professional machines, leavening cell, spiral or fork mixers, have the possibility of adjusting the water temperature of the mixture at will, the use of selected flours of superior quality, with stone mill and ancient grains.


- Having a knowledge of the equipment necessary to perform at best your craft is no longer an option but a necessity also required by companies.


 - The internship as an essential training tool to complete the training and facilitate the student to enter the working world.


 - An assistance over time and a strong help in the availability of work with continuous work proposals in Italy and abroad selected directly for you.


- Multilingual lessons service with the possibility to choose between the most spoken languages with lessons held by "mother tongue" teachers.



The PROFESSIONAL Courses of the GOURMET SCHOOL make available the high professionalism of its teachers created over years and years of teaching and master of specialization.


In the period spent in close contact with them, they will teach you ALL what you need to know about this job even those little "tricks" that many do not want to reveal.


 In a moment of great competitiveness due to the decrease in demand, we strongly believe that it is necessary to differentiate in order to have greater margins of success.


 Becoming a pizza maker GOURMET means being more attentive to the supply chain of products, sensitizing oneself in the choice of raw materials and returning to a cuisine with authentic flavors.


 Gourmet pizza course in Bologna is the best opportunity to combine the world of pizza with culinary art.



Lessons  in English and French


Nota: I campi con l'asterisco sono richiesti

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