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The Gourmet pizza chefs course lasts 52 hours of lessons distributed over 4 weeks and 160 hours of internship aims to bring the student to a complete mastery of equipment and autonomy in a working environment. It is a PROFESSIONAL course, that is aimed at starting the people in the profession of first Pizzaiolo  capable of managing the entire production cycle: from the identification of the desired final product to the selection of the flours-ingredients-management dough-leavening - baking and oven management

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Gourmet Pizzaioli School : pizza's professionals are trained in Bologna and Padova 


The Gourmet Pizzaioli School in Bologna aspires to become one of the most prestigious training centers in northern Italy and will be characterized by a particular attention to the use of selected flours, to long leavenings and natural yeasts, to the use of organic and original products controlled. Today the pizza chef should not only be a good kneader but must have a thorough knowledge of foods, their nutritional properties and characteristics also to satisfy customers. .



Laboratorio attrezzato
Laboratorio attrezzato

Lessons  in English and French














 LEARN FROM PROFESSIONALS                                          

Our master pizza chefs are all professional teachers. After a training course for teachers, they obtained teaching qualification.


 Our teaching staff is very attentive to the different learning abilities of each individual student, simplifying even the most complicated things, using "practice" as a method. Our teachers are called continuously, in Italy and abroad, for new openings, local start-up and training of already qualified personnel.


They are the same teachers who will be at your disposal for advice.

















 Pizza-makers, beauticians, window-mutters, are the jobs that are still in demand today


  In 2014, the top 20 fastest growing craft businesses created at least 24,000 new jobs: a number that broadly matches that of Fiat employees present in Italy.

Even for foreign countries the figures are positive: the pizza is confirmed as the most consumed and known in the world and the pizzerias are always growing.

The art of pizza makers becomes a UNESCO World Heritage



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